Choosing an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is something I have always been interested in ever since I sat on my grandmother’s knee while see did beautiful embroidery work.


embroidery-hillI learned some basic embroidery techniques from her but lost interest in my teenage years. I recently started making my own outfits again and doing some simple hand embroidery.


However, I find it slow and tedious doing all this by hand so I have decided to invest in a modern computerised embroidery machine. They are not as expensive as I had first imagined. But I will still have to pay $300 – $600 for a basic machine.

So, when you are purchasing an embroidery machine, do you get an embroidery only machine or a dual purpose sewing and embroidery machine? That is the dilemma I now have. I hope to sell my stuff to earn a little extra money down the road so that has to be taken into account also.


Here are a few of the embroidery machines I am looking at:

brotherPE770e (1)

The Brother PE 770 embroidery only machine is an impressive model. It is the bestseller of the Brother range and currently my favourite. The only issue is that if I get this model I will also need to get a sewing machine also, so more expense.

This Brother PE525 is also an embroidery only machine but is a cheaper machine that the PE770 so I could afford both. The only issue with this model is it has only a 4″x4″ embroidery area which will limit the size of the designs I can produce.


The Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine so it is a versatile model and may be my best choice.

Be sure to check back as I will post a review of the machine I finally decide to go for.


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