What embroidery machine should you buy?

This is the question I was pondering recently as I look at the many amazing embroidery machines available. With all the features on modern machines, it is difficult to make a decision.

This first decision to be made is do I go for a separate embroidery only machine or a dual purpose sewing and embroidery machine combined? If you are ready have a sewing machine then an embroidery only machine would be the obvious choice. If then it is worth considering a dual purpose model but that also depends on what you plan to do with it. If you are going to do commercial work then a dedicated high-end embroidery machine is a must.

Brother embroidery machines are without a doubt one of the most popular and sought after embroidery machines on the market. The Brothers Company continually introduced new and improved home appliances since they first launched back in 1954.

71X6ZPEpBzL._SY355_The Brother PE700 embroidery machine is one of the most popular Brother Embroidery machines. It is so fast indeed that you can practically finish all of your sewing in half the time it would usually take if you were to use a different embroidery machine. So if you are one that doesn’t have the necessary time to sit for hours with a needle and a thread then the PE700 will be exactly what you need.

The Brother PE500 is another amazing Brother Embroidery machine. It has six needles and can sew with six different threads at the same time. And although this is a great benefit, you will need some time to practice with this one before you start to do some serious work.

But if you are one for technology then you are really going to enjoy the IN2500D. This Brother Embroidery machine is nothing like the older models of embroidery machines. It is a completely computerised model that comes with a 10×6” LCD touch screen and you can also connect it to your personal computer through the USB portal so as to download even more patterns and embroidery designs. With all the different features made available on this model you will be able to achieve truly amazing embroidery designs with unmatched ease and quickness.

Although there are many other more Brother Embroidery machines out there on the market today, these are the most popular ones, that people have bought and that they are most pleased of. You can read user reviews on other embroidery machines here.

Ultimately it is up to you which Brother embroidery machine you will be using, depending on what will you be using it for, how much money are planning to spend and what features would you want it to have.


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